We are frequently asked for advice on benchtop sterilizers suitable for use in podiatric
or dental surgeries.  There are several machines available, some better than others, but
it is important for the user to be sure that they conform to EU legislation and carry the CE mark.

Acuatic Vacuum Type 'S' Steriliser

We recently carried out an evaluation of the Acuatic Vacuum sterilizer which is manufactured
in the UK and fully complies with Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. 
We found it to be an excellent machine whose compact size, rapid cycle time and ease of
use, coupled with a five year parts guarantee, make it ideal for a single-handed practice.

The Acuatic Vacuum is a 'Type S' sterilizer suitable for solid, hollow and/or pouched
instruments and comes with three trays, tray holder and a Helix Tester to enable a
daily performance test.  A logbook is provided to record the testing and maintenance history.
The use of innovative technology makes the Acuatic Vacuum a reliable machine which
is easy to use and economical to maintain and we have no hesitation in recommending
it to our customers.

Astell Scientific has been a world leading manufacturer and supplier of
laboratory, pharmaceutical & hospital autoclaves and sterilizers for over a century.
We would highly recommend Astell autoclaves.
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