Planned Preventive Maintenance, Validation, Calibration, Hydraulic Testing,
Assisted Thorough Insurance Inspection, Autoclave sales, Autoclave spare part sales,
Non contract emergency breakdown.

Our team of engineers provide routine maintenance and breakdown service for a
wide range of equipment including Ascot, BMM Weston, Getinge, ACE, SAL,

Boxer, Astell, LTE,Melag, Kronos etc.

We provide:

  • Planned Preventive Maintenance 
  • annual or 6 monthly servicing 
  • Assisted Insurance Inspection
  • boiler inspections
  • assisted thorough inspections
  • Hydraulic pressure testing of jacketed autoclaves
  • We provide Calibration Certificates
  • Annual Thermal Load Validations
  • Calibration and validation is carried out using our UKAS traceable reference equipment.

We are able to tailor maintenance programmes to customers' specific requirements.
We also perform one off service / breakdown repairs on a wide range of autoclaves. 
We can supply spares for a wide range of autoclaves and have strong ties with some major manufacturers.
We carry a wide range of spares for most makes of autoclaves.